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Tony from Fayetteville, North Carolina

“Caleb and Ashton were absolutely amazing to deal with … do yourself a favor if you’re thinking about having a precision rifle built, have this crew do it, you will not regret your choice.”

Abe from Wolbach, Nebraska

“Excellent service. Top quality work. great turn around time…will be back”

Michael from St. Louis, Missouri

“Caleb is an incredible gunsmith, undoubtedly one of the best in the business … Overall, A&O is a stand-up, quality business that empowers the shooting sports!” 

Raymond from Saint Joseph, Missouri

“I want to give a big thank you to Caleb Morris owner of Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool LLC this man stands behind his work I highly recommend him. This is my custom precision rifle that Caleb built for me it’s in 6.5 Creedmoor. He’s a great guy to do business with, awesome customer service. Thank you Caleb I appreciate your work and quality. 5 stars.”

Matt Jobe, C Bar J Windsor, Missouri

Folks Caleb Morris can hook you up with some sweet long distance guns.”

Rick from Saint Joseph, Missouri

“Thank you Caleb Morris for building a rifle that performs like a rifle should, in this ever complicated sport. I managed to take top Senior in the PRS Midwest Series!! And look forward to you building tack drivers again for me next year.”

Jarred from Hickman, Nebraska

On to my second barrel with Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool LLC. Cant say enough good things about this gun smith. Target photo is 5 rds at 290 yds trickled from a Chargemaster.”

Dale from Oregon, Missouri

We are planning my 5th custom from A&O. Each one has impeccable quality and craftsmanship and their attention to detail no matter how small is amazing. Their turnaround time is as good or better than most. The Midwest has some of the top tier gun makers in the nation and A&O is at the top of the pile in my opinion.”

Garrett from Savannah, Missouri

“Glass and recoil reduction from Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool. Thanks Caleb for making that .300win mag feel like a .243!”

Corey from Kansas City, Missouri

Caleb threaded and built a muzzle break for my dads Tikka t3x. Great quality work and attention to detail.”

Stefanie from Bethany, Missouri

Caleb’s BRA barrels flat out Hammer! Heck of a good guy and top notch builder recommend him highly.”

Kirk from Gallatin, Missouri

Thank you Caleb Morris. Awesome job on my new 6GT. Shots 3, 4 and 5 out of the barrel with just a break in load, it’s gonna be a hammer!”

Howling Havoc

“Have you ever thought about having a custom rifle built. If so head over to Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool LLC and see what they can do for you. I know we like ours.”

Joshua from Topeka, Kansas

“My first 6xc and first 10 rounds threw the barrel cold bore was almost dead center the other 9 rounds threw the same hole. Using 115gr dtacs, norma brass, H4831SC, cci 200 primers, avg 2909, SD 3– ES 5. 100 yards and rifle is suppressed. The orange target is only 1/2” circle ill take this.

Derek from Champaign, Illinois

When I bought my first Defiance Deviant it came with a 6xc barrel that had a good amount of rounds thru it…I decided to send it off to Caleb Morris @ Alpha & Omega to rechamber it to a 6gt practice barrel. I took it out yesterday to just run some rounds thru it and sight it in so I could start practicing… these are the first 4 shots out of the barrel just to get a quick reference to zero my scope and then the last 3 shots off a bag… needless to say I wouldn’t hesitate to use this practice barrel in a match!”

Matt from Muscatine, Iowa

“Excellent work. Good turn around. Highly recommend!

Jarred from Hickman, Nebraska

“High quality craftsmanship. Great steward to the shooting community.”

Jared from Maize, Kansas

“Five shot group out of my new Alpha & Omega Defiance Prefit with some leftover loads from the last barrel Caleb spun up!

Taylor from Batavia, Iowa

Awesome and fast work ! I sent my stock in to have the inlet machines to fit new bottom metal. I was expecting a lengthy wait but Caleb had it back to me the next week ! And the New bottom metal fits like a glove. Highly recommended!

Tom from St. Louis, Missouri

Wanted to share this awesome little group I shot with my A&O 6bra. That’s 7shots @ 900yrds. With Berger 105 hybrids. Sorry for the 2 flyers. I got a little excited about the first 5 lol!”

Travis from La Porte, Indiana

A huge shout out to 2 awesome companies, and also to @browningfirearms. Story: I bought a brand new @browningfirearms Max Long Range, at best the rifle would give 2-3 MOA with the occasional 1.5 MOA group. I contacted Browning and they said it was acceptable!! They said they’d check it out, but had a minimum turn around of 8 weeks!! Well, that’s unacceptable for a BRAND NEW long range rifle. So while ordering some brass from @gunwerks, they pointed me to @aogunsmith, and said that he is THE MAN. So I called Caleb and shipped the browning to him for an upgrade. This man had my rifle BACK to me and in my hands in less than 17 days!! That’s shipping both ways! The very first 3 round group with ZERO load development produced a .241 group! Needless to say, Caleb in fact IS the man! Thanks Caleb and @gunwerks!! Oh and thanks to @browningfirearmsfor helping me run into these great folks.”

Dustin from Lebanon, Missouri

“Great Machinist; all together great guy to be around.” 

Coyote Callin' Outlawz, Kansas

“Got The Newest And The Baddest CCO Kill Machine Picked Up Today. @aogunsmith Make Some Of The Sickest Most Accurate Rifles In the Country!!! The MANGE!!!! Thanks Again @aogunsmith go check them out on Facebook and Instagram and tell Caleb CCO Sent You!”

Tim from Baldwin City, Kansas

“Caleb put together a 6x47L on a custom Bighorn action for me and I am very impressed with not only his work but his good character. I am in the process of load development and with 25 rounds through the tube I shot a .17 inch group. All of my test loads shot withing 1/2 MOA. I am very happy with this rifle and look to doing more business in the future.” 

Jeffrey from Kansas City, Kansas

“I cant think of a major rifle builder that hasn’t built me a stick. From SAC, to Surgeon to GAP to Crecent and a dozen more. That little BRA shoots as good as any of them and much better than most of them. You spin a tight barrel brother.”

Jacob from Mauriceville, Texas

“A good guy to deal with. Thanks.”

Tom from Saint Louis, Missouri

“Finished some fire forming of 6BRA while checking my muzzloader today! Caleb builds an absolute hammer! This is my 35 rounds at 100yrds with no load development. Just out forming brass.” 

Heath from Lebanon, Missouri

“If anyone is looking at getting a rifle built or worked on look no farther than Caleb Morris. He’s a stand up guy and one heck of a rifle builder. I had him build me a 6.5 Gap 4s Bighorn TL3, Proof Research barrel in a Manners T4A carbon mini chassis. Every load I’ve shot through it was sub MOA. It will shoot 5 shots in 1 ragged hole without problem. I can’t wait to air it out. I can’t say enough how happy I am with it. Thanks again sir!!”

Landon from Kelso, Missouri

“My rifle speaks for itself. Top notch and can’t wait till the next build.”

Kevan Phillips, Black Branch Shooting Sports

“Caleb Morris built and awesome TL3 6.5 CM that shoots like a laser beam!”

Josh from Barry, Illinois

“Caleb Morris at Alpha and Omega LLC, built this stunning 6 BRA rifle. I got to bust it out the day before the match! These were all fire forming and breaking rounds. It shows an unbelievable amount of potential. Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical, Piercision muzzle brake, Bix N Andy trigger and MPA chassis.”

Zach from Indiana

“Caleb is a great guy and does some amazing work! If you are looking to have something built and want nothing but the best, give these guys a call!”

Greg from Mehlville, Missouri

“I had Caleb build a new rifle for me for the 2018 shooting season. It came out much better than I planned/expected and shoots phenomenally for having less than 50 rounds down the tube and using factory ammo. I haven’t had much of a chance to shoot groups with handloads yet, but the factory ammo 5 shot groups I printed at 200 look like they should be 50 yard groups. I cant wait to figure out a load for it and get it stretched out.”

Jeffrey from Kansas City, Kansas

“Caleb was great to work with. He spun up a 6BRA for me that absolutely hammers. Great communication, attention to detail and first class work. Counldn’t recommend higher. A little load work and she’s stacking 105s on top of each other at 700 yards.” 

Joey from Albany, Missouri

“6MM BRA, Bighorn, 1:7 Bartlein, 110 Matchking, Area 419 and Triggertech Diamond. Caleb is the man, don’t hesitate to have him build you a rifle. I promise you won’t be sorry!”

Dan from Maryville, Missouri

“Alpha and Omega has chambered 10 barrels for me, three of which were full custom builds. All have shot exceptionally well. Whether you want a full custom or want to re-barrel your factory action, you will get the same fine attention to detail in every job.”

Jeremy from Saint Joseph, Missouri

“Great gunsmith!! Produces very high quality work!! My 260 Rem is a 1/4 moa gun. Another thing that is great is a quick turn around no long waits!!!”

Satisfied Customers

As hunters and competitors ourselves, we know the value of speed and accuracy.

Caleb Morris, manager and custom rifle builder commits himself to accuracy and customer service. This is what led to the establishment of Alpha & Omega Rifle and Tool LLC in Mound City, Missouri in 2016.

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